Reality Check for the Irish Artist Part 3

Reality Check for the Irish Artist Part 3

This is the last part in the "Reality Check for the Irish Artist".

In the first Part, I discussed what the Artist should be doing in Regards to approaching any pub or venue in Ireland or indeed anywhere in the world. This advice is based on my observations and experience from working in Bars and Venues for most of my life..

The second Blog was a little bit about myself and how I got involved in helping the Irish artist . It also tells you that It has being a very hard struggle for me personally and has had financial consequences for me, since i first got involved.  You will read that, I have tried just about everything to understand and attempt to revive the Industry. These efforts , although very difficult, have allowed me to see a pattern that have being preventing the Artist from moving forward..I have learned, It has nothing to do with recession or the change to the digital age.

The Major Music industries have disempowered the artist in an attempt to survive themselves and this has resulted in a complete takeover of Music in all areas of expression and development.  This detachment has caused a mass confusion within the Independent Artist community and the result has being a separation within the same artist community..

The main solution is not in the knowledge for digital Marketing and understanding the Music business to move forward, But the reconnection of Artists within the Independent Music Community.. You cannot move forward if Artists are not connecting and helping one another. The age of the music Label is over and it's not coming back. When they existed, they were plugged into other Labels , Venues , Festivals and all related Industries that were necessary, so it all worked like a well oiled Machine. That is no longer the case !!.  This is not coming Back and No one is coming to the rescue !!.

Being an independent Artist has a new meaning now and the opportunities have never being better. You have the ability to Reach out to the entire World through Digital and social media means. You have the ability to make Music Videos, even from your mobile Phones . You have the ability to talk with people from anywhere in the world and send your Music to companies you never dreamed off. You have the ability to do all the things that the Major Music corporations have and more  ..

At the same time as we progress in this virtual World of opportunity, you have forgotten something critical . Something that the Computer, Laptop, Smartphone cannot give you. While you desperately try to communicate your passion everywhere on the net , you have lost the ability to connect personally with people..  You hang around in Clicks and will not communicate with others. You are distant when people want to reach out. You play amazing Music and then selfishly tell your fans that they can find you on facebook Bla Bla Bla . You are not listening, Connecting and following up with your Fans.?. You are suspicious of acts outside your circle when you should be collaborating with all artists , everywhere . This is not a competition Guys. This is Music !!  The amount of time i have heard Artists asking me about getting a gig outside their area. Venues are not interested in Artists outside their area unless you have a following. Your only way into a decent Venue is connecting with popular artists in that area. The day of the click are over Guys , if you want to succeed in Music..  You need to start connecting with the artists before contacting to Venues..

Let me put this more simply..  Make great Music, Create a family atmosphere around your act, Make sure that Everyone involved in your act is on the same page and actually likes doing it. People will see if an act are close and as one. It will be expressed in their Music and performance. If you can get this right , Then you have something to work with.

When the Band Family is happy, They Play great Music and attract fans. Those initial fans will be Critical to the Band and must be encouraged and thanked every time  . They are the best marketing tool you will have.  They are passionate about your Music and you as a Band. They see you as friends and want you to be successful . They will go out of their way to support you. They do this because they believe in you and you have personally connected with them. You can't do that on social media guys. That happens at your gigs. This is where you plant the seed and grow it with the help of the fan..

When you have these ingredients you can then move onto the next stage and that is connecting with other artists. Connect with the ones that are on the same page as you.. Go see them perform and see how they play and engage with their fans and new fans.. You can also look at their social media posts.. Believe it or not  , this will tell you many things. See if they thank everyone for coming to their gigs. Read the comments and pass no remarks on the likes or retweets.. It is in the comments that you will see the opinion of the band.. Whether its one or many comments, It doesn't matter. It is the Quality of the comment and how the fan was driven to make that comment that matters..

When you have found the acts that you want to work with, Contact them, Speak to them and make plans to play at their regular Venue. If they are a great act , they will have access to some great Venues and will be respected in them..  Bring your Fans to that Gig and show the other artists and venue that you have a following. Whether you have 5 or 50 fans, it doesn't matter. get them down. They will come if you have a good relationship with them. Organise a Bus and a night out if necessary.. Have the act in that area come to your Venue and do the same.. When you do that you have built a good relationship and reputation with that particular artist and All Venues in that area.. This is how you create a tour guys and more fans . This is what the old labels did in the past. They were plugged into relevant acts and venues throughout the entire country, They had that connection and these same acts were all playing at festivals each year to populate these festivals with their fans..

This is how it all works Guys..  Some of you reading this will know this very well.. Some of you will say , so what's new ? There isn't anything really new about how the industry works in regards to your Music , Your Act, Your Fans, working with artists, venues and festivals.

What's new is your ability to see a clearer picture on how to best approach this industry without the supports of the old Music paradigm . What's new is, its is possible to survive in this industry, Independently but Independently doesn't mean , Doing it alone.  It means, creating a whole new Paradigm of independent thinking and using all the tools available to us, Together. Together Means all independants working together on their own separate projects but working together as a whole. It's time to break away from the unhealthy Click culture that is so apparent in this country and create a healthy network of Artists who are willing help themselves by sharing with others all around Ireland..

This is the project now guys. This is where I want to go with the next stage of my journey. To work with those who can see this as a way forward and act on it. I can only move forward myself with the support of the artist on this.  I can see now why it has being such a difficult Journey. The People I try to advise and help are the ones that are stopping themselves from moving ahead. The responsibility lies with you , The artist !!  It is not the Label , The venue, The recession, lack of opportunity or even the Music Industry that is preventing you .. It is you and you must try to better it for yourself.

I have seen one Band in the ten years i have being investigating this industry, Applying these measures . Its working Guys. They have a real sense of purpose with this new approach. Its being a very hard struggle for them but they are beginning to see progress now.. Like any Act , they were growing , Changing members and trying out new Material. After many years , they have managed to reach the first step and are approaching the second but it starting to move quicker for them now..

They have built the tight Family unit that all Acts need to survive in this business. They are making great music that people love. They are beginning to attract fans after the gigs and these fans are raving about them. They are generous with their time after their gigs and engage with the fan. The fan loves them for this and are traveling to their Gigs. The fan takes pictures , Comments on social media and raves about the Band's performance to everyone.  They are connecting with other artists and other artists are recognising them as people they want to associate themselves with.  More and more People are taking an Interest, from other fans to people within the industry and in other countries.  Everyone is rooting for them. They want them to achieve. The fans see how hard they work and perform. The industry sees how hard they work and their show is outstanding..

This is an actual Band I speak about. I brought this up to show you my points and how all this is very relevant. I will also follow this Act to see where they go from here and maybe i will write another part to this. All I know for now is , That they are applying all of this information i have given you.. They have a little bit more to do but i can a see a great future for them at this stage.. I say to them , keep doing what you are doing, Reach out to your fans and to the Artists and just build..   I am so happy that they are doing this and it is working very well. I will keep you posted on this as I have being following them for a number of years now as I have seen potential from the beginning of their journey . Their journey in my opinion is a very important step for all artists here in Ireland. Their Story and success will be the beginning of the new independent Paradigm I speak about. Their example will revolutionise the thinking of the independent Artists everywhere and others will follow that new path..

I am working on another Platform and will include in it. All the things i have learned over the past 10 years.. I believe that a support network is required to assist the Artist with this new approach.  I would like to be in a position to identify acts that show promise and need help progressing further. I will certainly not be there to bring anyone by the hand to where they need to go but will have the tools for them to be independant and working with others with the same attitude..

There is far too much expectation from many artists today. I can't count the amount of times I have being attacked by such individuals that expect me to solve their many issues as if i were my responsibility in some way. When I didn't have the answer they needed , then they become extremely nasty.  I have no desire to work with such people and there are many i'm afraid to tell you. At the same time, there are Many wonderful people in this business who i would love to help. It is very easy to identify them. They are grateful for any help and are the first to help you with anything . Those are the people I write this for and those are the people who i have being investigating and looking for real solutions for. When those solutions are found, They will be the be first to act and move to their desired level of development.

Ok Guys .. That's all for now.. I hope you enjoyed the post.. if you would like to comment then please do below. If you would like to share your Music , them please contact me with all your details and i will have a listen and get back to you..

Thank you for reading ..

Reality Check for the Irish Artist

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