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Westland Studios Dublin



Westland Studios Dublin is Located in Dublin City Centre, The studio opened in 1976 under the name Lombard Sound and was the first 2 inch 24 track studio in Ireland. Briefly, it was named Miracle Studios (as seen in the credits of the album "Aliens" by Horslips). It had a very large board of directors composed of recording artists, record label owner and artist managers. The studio ran under this format until 1984 when they sold all of the equipment and disbanded the company. Two of the directors (Tom Costello and Brian Molloy) of Lombard Sound took over the lease of the studio area and rebuilt the studio to a higher standard and extended the overall area of the studio facility. It re-opened quietly in October 1985 with its first session with Bill Whelan. Daire Winston was the House Engineer at the time.

In 2011, producer and engineer Alwyn Walker took over Westland Studios. He has over 17 years experience and no stranger to live sound, having done Front of House in the Belfast's Ulster Hall and Dublin's Olympia Theatre among many other venues. He studied sound engineering at Liverpool's prestigious Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and during this time also assisted in Liverpool's large commercial studios like The Motor Museum (assisting producer Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight, The Enemy)) and Highfield Street Studios.  Alwyn's personal taste in music is very diverse and he plays guitar and bass, programs keyboards and tunes drums.


The list is extensive, but some of the major artists that have recorded at Westland Studios are:

Bob Dylan, Miley Cyrus, Glen Hansard, Hozier, Weezer, Jason Zaman, Massive Attack, Art Garfunkel, Don Baker, Emmylou Harris, Kate Bush, U2, Clannad, Van Morrison, Placebo, Paul Brady, The Corrs, The Chieftains, The Dubliners, Bryan Adams, Bell X1, Sharon Shanon, Shania Twain, Damien Rice, The Divine Comedy, Picturehouse, Aslan, Def Leppard, Simply Red, Bonnie Tyler, Planxty, Sinead O'Connor, The Pogues, UB40, Westlife, Christy Moore, Thin Lizzy, Bill Whelan and so many more.....
Joss Stone & Alwyn John Walker
Joss Stone & Alwyn John Walker ( Westland Studios )

Westland always had an impressive gear list, with an extensive mic collection and backline added, we can offer a much more comprehensive service than most other studios in Ireland. Smashing drums in a proper room, real amps, real energy and feel - It’s the perfect place for recording live if that’s your style. If you want it filmed we can arrange that too.

Based around an analog 48 channel SSL E series desk, 2” tape and pro tools 10 HD3, Westland also features a Baldwin grand piano, a vintage upright piano, a C3 Hammond organ & Leslie and a serious backline of amps and drums. (SEE https://www.westlandstudiosdublin.com/gear for the full list!)

We have two studios, one is for smaller projects, plus we have a green room (Playstation and TV), shower and toilet, plus kitchen.
Pricing starts at €300 for recording (as of Sep 2017), however, we are always willing to deals on EP's and Album recordings.
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