Music in the Digital Age and John Hartmann
Music in the Digital Age and John Hartmann
Having the need to help your fellow man and in my case, the Irish Artist, This can put you right in the path of great people . This was the case when Myself and John Hartmann crossed paths with our own Unique but common Goals.


It was in 2006 that I became interested in helping the Irish Artist with their marketing and promoting. At the time, I’d had many years booking various artists but knew very little about the inner workings of the processes needed for a successful campaign .

As I was from the older Generation , I knew nothing about working with computers and had no knowledge of Social Media at the time. If I was to have any impact on helping the Irish Artist then all of these tools would be necessary to move forward. During that time I attempted to include all that I had learned while working at venues along with the new tools available and have a website built.

The website ” Livemicsworld ” was built out of the idea that a solid base was necessary to all artists who wanted a career in the Music Industry. One of the first things I addressed was from a venue’s perspective and what they would like to see from an artist that was looking to secure a gig.

I was looking at the very basic website from where the Artist could begin and build an awareness from . It became very clear from artist submissions that many were not ready in regards to Music excellence and a clear motivation towards building an awareness around themselves.

Not being ready was a huge problem in Ireland along with many other misunderstood Marketing strategies like facebook,twitter and others which were becoming very popular. You just couldn’t get Artists away from the idea that these platforms were only a small part of the overall promotional process.

I introduced a Music competition within the website to get Artists to concentrate on a more active approach that would have much more impact on creating a Solid Awareness around their act. It worked in regards to attracting the more seasoned Acts that were ready in Music Excellence and were trying everything to get themselves out there but from my end,The competition idea was a negative one and attracted very few from the general public to the events as the Acts were not that well known. I had Quality Acts performing on the night but no one knew them. In most cases many of them had relied on facebook and twitter for events and updates but very few had an actual fanbase.

Another problem was the word ” competition “. Many Artists did not like the idea of competing with other acts and thought this was the wrong approach to helping the Artist. The likes of the Xfactor, Britains got Talent and others didn’t help either. They were seen as exploiting Artists and moulding them into the way the Industry wanted music to be heard. In short the Competition format was not the way to go within the website..  I would have to dig a little deeper if i was to fully understand how best to serve the Irish Artist..

It became very clear to me that if I was to be of any benefit to the irish Artist, I would have to fully investigate of how the old and the new ways of the industry worked.

In 2009 while looking for information in Music / Band management, I stumbled across a website called ” The Holodigm “. It was a very impressive looking website with an introduction from the site creator ” Professor John Hartmann “.

Delving further into The Holodigm, I came across some Recorded classroom lectures . These Classrooms were full of information from some of the top people in the business . You had Jerry Berkley from the Band ” America “, Ben Bernstine ” Music Agent “, Jerry Boylan ” Record Producer”, Harlan Goodman ” VP of Music “. Cree clover Miller ” Attorney “, Ron Stone ” Manager ” and Howard wolf ” Promoter “.  Look them up Guys. These individuals are the top people in the music business in the US.

I couldn’t believe what i had stumbled onto.  It took me a few days to get through all the information from the the classrooms as there was so much information to take on board from decades of experience. This John Hartmann Guy must have being very well respected by all of them and he himself, I thought, needed further investigation .



John Hartmann began his professional career in the famous mailroom of the William Morris Agency. He later served as the Morris office liaison to Colonel Tom Parker the legendary manager of Elvis Presley the king of rock n’ roll.

A veteran music agent, personal manager and record executive, John has provided career direction for such luminaries as Chad & Jeremy, Sonny & Cher, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Canned Heat, Eagles, Peter, Paul & Mary, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, America, Poco, and many others.

Hartmann is a result oriented operational leader with more than fifty years experience in the entertainment industry. His proven expertise in creating and executing career strategies is evidenced by the quantity and quality of great artists he has been honored to serve     Quoted from the Holodigm Website



As you can read , John Is an incredible Knowledgeable man who had dedicated his later years, teaching in Marymount University, California  . I was lucky enough to be in constant contact with him from 2009 to 2014 and he was very generous with anything I needed to know. We shared plenty of Music from both sides of the water and on a couple of occasions he took some interest in a couple of acts from Ireland. He really liked the Band “Red Empire” and another Irish Band ” Friends of Emmet “. He even went as far as passing this acts onto his long time friend “Ron Stone” who is a legend in the business.

After that he seemed to go offline about his new project ” The Holodigm “. It hasn’t moved forward since I first came across the website but it still has incredible and useful information from anyone who is looking to gain more knowledge about the Music Business.

He had a dream to assist the Artist from anywhere in the world. He wanted to teach all artists about the processes and what it takes to succeed. He wanted to have an academy where Artists and Managers could train about the business and be assisted by him and others on his vast contact list. He wanted the Artist to become independant and have all the tools available to them with his help. He knew that the Industry was in transition and that artists were being left behind as the major labels were adjusting to the new Digital Music Paradigm . Artists needed to adjust with this shift and the Independent route could be possible if the proper platforms were in place ..


It was an ambitious project with Huge financial backing required to cover all areas required for a successful campaign.. Perhaps he couldn’t get that backing and this is why he went offline, who knows? From the five years that i was fortunate enough to know him , I learned a great deal and knew that so much more needed to be done . Maybe he will continue on where he left off and we can converse again. I truly hope so !! He wanted me to be his representative in Ireland and spread his new paradigm when it was ready. I was excited about working with such a man and being in a position to help so many artists that needed it.  All I can do for now is continue and build from what I have learned so far. .


I couldn’t leave this man out with the new musibiz website. He was so influential to me and is one of the reasons why I continue with my music project. There is so much information on his old website and there was a free ebook available there too  . That seems to unavailable on the website now which is a pity.


He wrote this book while in hospital after an road accident. Before it was published he shared it with me and and asked me what i thought about it.. I loved what he had written and asked him if I could share it with all the Irish artists in Ireland. He gave me full permission to share to anyone who i thought needed it.  I have shared it a few times in the past and I will leave a link to it below for anyone interested in learning more.. It is a vital Read in my opinion and we are very fortunate to have this available to us.  Free Ebook


This all came about when two people from completely different backgrounds came together by a common need to open up more channels for artists all around the world. Any information towards this reality is vital and must be shared to everyone.
As John and I agreed  ” With all ideas , Sparks others and the process of solutions that makes them a reality”.  Perhaps an artist reading this will get enough information from all the material available here and make their dream a reality. Perhaps others like myself will come up with more ways to help more artists make their own reality . who knows?


One of my last conversations with John was when I asked him ” What is the best advice you can give an Artist today”?

John’s Answer: ” If you can’t make it in your own back Yard, you’re not gonna make it anywhere ” !!

This question was based on a conversation we were having about a Acts starting out and also about an established act looking to break into another country. The same applied in both cases. Starting out you must establish yourself in your own area first before moving on to the next stage. In regards to the established artist. Establish yourself first in your own country before thinking of Moving into another..If you keep this in Mind, you will know where you are and what you need to do, to get to where you need to go..


Hope you enjoyed the read Guys and get something from this blog..






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